Event Supervision

Independent National and International Event Supervision

The Australian Boxing commission at the request of the event organiser, will attend boxing events at national or international locations.

Our focus of involvement will as an independent overseer, to verify all set standards have been met.

The purpose of the commission staff at these events will be to ensure the host abides by the relevant stipulations, and any deviations to be reported to the event manager. Our level of involvement is at the discretion of the event organiser.

The boxing commission will provide independent assessments and feedback of the event.

Independent Drug Testing

The Australian Boxing commission has the ability to conduct independent drug testing, prior to and after the event.

The drug testing mandate will not be instigated, directed or interfered with, by any promotional company, or sanctioning belt organisation.

Laboratories conducting the testing will be confidential, with all testing procedures being made transparent to the relevant boxing parties, prior to the event.